I can see the waves coming in from the sea, foaming up to the sea wall.  They crash against the seawall, trying to spray the cars on the other side before the fierce wind whips them to the side.  The strength of the wind rattles the house, rattling the windows and doors that want to open but can’t.  My sister’s apartment has two rooms with glass sliding doors leading to a balcony.  They usually leak through the bottom where the slides are but this time she duck taped trash bags in the slides to prevent the rain from bubbling up.  So far the precaution seems to be working as water hasn’t started to puddle but we are still early in the storm.  It is morning here and the storm is supposed to continue until after sunset.  We’re both sitting in her living room typing on our computers.  She’s working on her grad school assignments while I work on my writing.  Her big black cat is laying in her favorite basket next to my sister while her smaller tabby cat is stretched out on top of their refrigerator in the room behind us.  They both had an active night chasing each other through the living room/kitchen area and reacting to the wind rattling windows and doors throughout the night.  The wind started before supper last night while scattered showers started later as the storm approached.  Inside it’s quiet, other than the sound of keyboards, the occasional movement of a cat, the doors trying to blow open, and the steady drip, drip, drip of the single hole they have into a ready pot.


I’m staying at my sister’s apartment in Okinawa this week and the storm decided to come while I was here.  It’s been a fun week other wise but today is definitely a stay-inside-and-stay-dry day, for us and the two cats.  Her husband was called away due to the storm so he’s not here with us.