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Kella’s Decision

Kella closed the door to her bedroom and leaned back against it, her hand still on the door.  She stared at the molding trunk in her new room, not seeing it as her mind whirled.  She had seen him today.  He had been across the ballroom all night, he had also asked her to dance.  Thankfully her card had already been full.  She hadn’t been forced to dance with him, forced to smile when she wanted to hurt him, to proclaim to the world what he had done.  She had been told that he was called Baron Ardal the sixth son of Laird Eoin.  Son of a Laird?  No, she remembered him being Brogan, the son of a man with too grand a name for the poor nobility he was.  The others may not see the distorted face of a man about to connive his way to what he wanted, but she did.  His amulet didn’t work on her and she would never forget his face. 

   She thought back on the night and the look in his eyes as he asked for a dance “in respect to her dear father”.  He didn’t know she was there.  The fact appeared in her mind from some unknown place but it stuck.  Brogan didn’t know that she had seen him that night, didn’t know she had heard his plan.  Brogan didn’t know she knew who and what he was and he wanted to court her.  He may merely be planning to play with her as a reminder of her father but it didn’t matter.  She finally stepped away from the door and headed for her vanity.  The smile on her face as she sidestepped the trunk someone had magically made invisible decades ago and forgotten was nearly chilling.  By the end of this season, Laird Eoin would know that his true son had died years ago and the death of Lady Kella’s father would be avenged.  Baron Ardal was no more but Kella only had a few months to make Brogan the Fifth’s life his own living hell.  Time was precious and she had work to do before the maid got done with her aunt.  So much planning to do and preparations to make.  Brogan had to pay.  Brogan would pay.




This is the scene right before my first post on an upcoming series in a fictional world I am creating on my other blog.  I plan to start the series in the beginning of December but I’m creating the story, plot, and world now.  It’s an interesting process and I wish I had no other projects so I could devote more time to this project.  However, I do have other projects so I’ve set the start date for this series in December instead of September.  I can’t wait  and I’ll add a few more scenes from the story here as I write them.

Time To Say Goodbye-Fiction

I was putting on my makeup when the text came.  It would be a special night for us.  Marcus and I had been waiting for the premier of this movie for months and then he was going to come over for the night.  My roommate was visiting her mom for the weekend in the next town over so we’d have the apartment all to ourselves.  It was the first time we’d do this and I was rather nervous but Marcus was being really supportive so far.  It was going to be an awesome night.  Glancing at the dress I planned to put on after the movie, I smiled as I picked up my I-phone.  Marcus was bowling with his friends and we’d been texting about tonight on and off all day.

The text wasn’t from Marcus but from Sally, my roommate.  Clicking to open the text titled “Sorry”, I gasped.  There was Marcus and the girl he called his cousin.  She was behind the counter at a jewelry store with a sign for a today only sale, the date on the sign and that wasn’t how I say goodnight to my cousin.

Shock quickly turned to anger and I flipped through my texts to the image Marcus had sent me earlier in the afternoon.  I sent the picture of his bowling buddies posing with him to my computer and pulled it up.  There was Steve, Ryan, Ray, Leonard, and Marcus while Al would have been holding the phone.  Wait, Ryan?  I had seen Jen earlier in the morning, right before lunch in fact, at the deli not far from here.  She had been picking up lunch for her boyfriend Ryan since he had to work all day at the hospital.  So why was Ryan in a picture supposedly taken this afternoon?  As I thought back over the last week I remembered Tuesday.  I had been really nervous about the audition I had the next day and had called Marcus to calm my nerves.  He had been outside when he finally answered and basically hung up on me.  I thought nothing of it since he said that he was on his way to dinner with his easier overwrought mother.  I had called Jen instead and she could talk because Ryan was bowling with his friends.  It was a simple comment I had ignored at the time but it made sense now.  If Marcus had been planning to spend the day Saturday without me, visiting another girl he obviously liked or pretended to love, he had set up the bowling date with his friends ahead of time.  He wasn’t even willing to pause his game to talk to me when I was freaking out but he expected a special night tonight?  Um, yeah, no.

Glancing at the photo from Sally one more time, I shut it and dialed Chris.  “Hey, Chris-girl, how are you?” I asked when she answered.  “Wonderful,” I replied to her question.  “Hey, I know this is last minute, but do you have plans for tonight?”  I wasn’t surprised when she said not really.  She was obviously perplexed since we hadn’t exactly talked since she sent me that image of Marcus with his arm around his “cousin” in a club last month.  He’d talked his way out of it and I had been annoyed at her for trying to break us up.  Now I wished I’d listened to her better.  “I was wondering if you wanted to do a girl’s night out tonight.”

“I’d love to, Suz, but why?  It’s Saturday night and I thought you had big plans with Marcus tonight.”

“I did but you know that picture you sent me last month?  Sally sent me another one today and that generally isn’t how I prefer to say goodbye to my cousin.”

“Right, a girl’s night out sounds like just the thing for tonight.”

I’d been looking at the dress hanging on my closet door and decided to go all out.  “I think I’ll wear my red dress.”

“Oh, the one you bought last year but have yet to wear out?”

“Yep, the one that Marcus has been asking me to wear out.”

“Mind if I  wear my black one?”

“The one that is skin-tight and hides only the important things?  Sounds perfect.”

“Oh goody, I know the perfect place.  It’s just around the corner from me and has a bartender you will adore.”

“One you’ve got dibs on?”

“Nah, I get the busboy.”

“That sounds perfect.  When can you be ready?”

“Come on over whenever you’re ready and we can pregame or head out.”

“Excellent, and,Chris, thanks.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll have fun.  Girl’s night out will be better than the romantic movie and popcorn I had planned for tonight.”

After finishing the plans, we hung up and I stared at my phone.  It was nice that she understood and was still there for me after I’d basically ignored her for the past month.  Marcus had seemed like the perfect guy.  He was willing to go slow and wait for me to be ready, despite his jokes and flirting.  He could be so sweet most of the time.  Now I realized he was willing to wait since he was getting satisfied somewhere else and that our relationship was probably carefully planned by him, possibly planned in advance to keep at least two girls from getting suspicious.  I shook off my thoughts before they went too deep and pulled up a text to him.  “Night’s off, I’ll call you later.”  Putting it down with a snap, I hurried over to my dress.  I’d barely started taking my top off before I heard the text come in.  I ignored it and turned up my radio.  I slipped into the tight dress, hooked on my matching strappy stilettos, and walked back to my mirror to redo my hair.  Five texts from him and one from Sally.  Clicking on the one from Sally, I wasn’t surprised to find she was worried about me.  She knew I had plans tonight, but I texted her to thank her and tell her my change of plans.  I’d be fine and move on.  Another text came from Marcus as I sent mine off to Sally but I ignored it.  A quick adjustment to my makeup had me ready to party instead of going to a movie.

I grabbed my purse, put my phone on vibrate so I wouldn’t hear his texts, and shoved the phone in my sequined red purse.  One final look in the mirror showed a confident lady ready to paint the town red.  I turned off my lights and radio before closing the door to my room.  I leaned my head on the door for a second but hurried away before the tears came.  I’d call my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend before going into the bar, I might even call while Chris was getting ready.  She could take a while but I didn’t want this particular call to take too long.  I’d made up my mind and it was time to say goodbye.  He’d just have to deal with the disappointment of me not in his life.  Yeah, keep that up, girl, I thought as I left the apartment. He’ll be the one heartbroken, not me.  Yeah, that’s right.




Today starts my (hopefully) weekly scene to help me get back into the mindset for writing fiction.  I had thought this would be a flash fiction (written in a half hour) or a postcard story (written in under 250 words) but it took an hour to write and is about a thousand words long.  However, I like the scene and thought I’d keep it as it is.  What do you think?  (Honesty please, I’m trying to improve.)