It’s been an epic fail getting my major certification done for my job.  As soon as I finished that test I lost all motivation to study for the next round of oral tests so I still haven’t finished that certification.  However, I have huge hopes for being done by the middle of August, or at least done with the parts I can control (the last huge test is scheduled by who’s in line and it’s usually a long line).

The good news is that I’ve gotten sick of not writing fiction so I have decided to slowly get back into the mindset of a fiction writer and I will do so right here, on this blog.  Every weekend, starting next weekend, I am going to post another scene here that I have created to keep my mind fresh for fiction writing when I get my certification done.  Don’t expect a lot for now.  I’m thinking the scene could be anything from a scene I sit down and write in a half hour (one of a few types of stories called “flash fiction”), a description of a place I’ve been to work on my descriptive writing, or anything else that catches my eye as far as furthering my craft of writing fiction.  When I’m done with my certification I plan to work my way through a “MBA in creative writing” book I picked up.  It claims that the book will teach me all I would learn at an MBA course minus the moody teachers and lengthy writing assignments graded by subjective authors.  Basically it should teach me techniques I can use.  I will then take those techniques and write a scene focused on individual techniques and post most of those scenes here.  Don’t expect a story out of these scenes any time soon.  I doubt that these scenes will resemble a story although I may use the same characters in differing scenes that may or may not eventually get revised to write a short story or a single scene may be used to spark a whole novel.  I don’t know yet what I’ll do with these scenes but I do know that I need to seriously work on my fiction skills if I ever hope to get a book published.

That’s all for today, I’ve got a lot of work to do on various projects (not fiction related) and a lot of studying for my certification to do before next weekend.