Some of you may be surprised to be taken here instead of to my writer’s blog or travel blog.  I decided that this blog will be purely for this site and the stuff on it.  For instance, this site (minus this page which I’m still figuring out) was written entirely by me.  I wrote the CSS and content as well as picking the coloring (I know, still working on the link colors) and setting up the different sections.  No program was used to write it or help me, just a book and the internet.  Needless to say, this site will constantly be changing but at the moment I like the theme of space coloring since I write mostly science fiction right now.  I have a few ideas for fantasy and may eventually go that way in my writing.  However, I really like science fiction and the ability to play with science and technology in my stories so for now I’ll practice writing science fiction and learn my craft better.  I’ll be putting a lot of random scenes on this site over the next few months.  Those scenes won’t neccesarily be part of an upcoming story or ever be put in a story (although I do have 3 short stories to finish which I’ll post by the beginning of next year at latest).  The single scenes will be created to focus on parts of the “craft”, as I’ll call it, such as tension or romance or verb tense.

Basically stick around, this site will change a lot and new things will be added.  I hope you like what you read but if you don’t like it, don’t be shy.  I want to hear your honest opinions.  Thanks for your time and I’ll talk to you all again soon.